Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

Health Benefits of Mint Leaves

Mint Leaves

  1. Mint Leaves are one of the highest herbal source of antioxidants and carotene.
  2. Mint Leaves can be crashed and used in conjunction with regular toothpaste to whiten tooth.The pleasant aroma and oxidation process also reduces bad breath.
  3. Menthol is an essential oil which is extracted from mint leaves and is used in different health, food, and cosmetic products.
  4. In hailing aroma also reduces nausea, headaches. Peppermint tea or mint tea works  in this case.
  5.  Mint Leaves can also be used in other aroma therapy products such as candles, oils, soaps, and balms.
  6. It provides cooling sensation to skin.
  7. The gentle aroma of mint leaves used in aroma therapy acts as a relaxant , reducing anxiety and stress.
  8. Mint is a commonly used herb to cook with and it adds wonderful flavor to many dishes.
  9. Mint improves oral health.
  10. Mint helps to prevent from cancer.
  11. Mint leaves promotes digestion.
  12. Mint is a natural stimulant, relieves from fatigue and depression.
  13. It relieves symptoms of acne.
  14. Clears up congestion of nose, throat and lungs.
  15. Inhibits the release of histamines that causes allergies and hey fever.
  16. Mint helps to loose weight in a healthy way.


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