HR Terms

Glossary of HR Terms starting with Alphabet Q

Quality of assurance: Activities or programs whose purpose is to demonstrate and ensure that products and services meet specifications and are consistently of high quality.

Quality audit: The process of examining the elements of a quality management system in order to evaluate how well they comply with quality system specification.

Quality circle: A carefully selected group of employees who voluntarily meet on a regular basis to identify problems and make recommendation by using various techniques for analyzing and solving work-related problems.

Quality control: Activities or programs whose purpose is to ensure that all quality specifications for products or services are being met and are of consistently high quality.

Quality improvement: Any system or process designed to enhance an organization’s ability to meet quality requirements.

Quality of work life: Program designed to create a workplace that enhances employee well-being.

Quartiles: Show measures of dispersion, or how groups of data relate to each other. There are four quartiles to any set of data, with 25% of the data falling in each quartile.

Quantitative management: A contemporary management approach that emphasis the application of quantitative analysis to managerial decisions and problems.

Quid pro quo: Legal terminology essentially meaning “what for what” or “something for something.”  It is the concept  of getting something of value in exchange for giving something of value.

Quid pro quo harassment: Type of sexual harassment that occurs when an employee is forced to choose between giving something of value in exchange for giving something of value.

Quit: A voluntary resignation from employment that is initiated by the employee.

Quota: Fixed hiring and promotion rates based on race, gender, or other protected-class standards that must he met at all costs.





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