Nuts & Seeds it’s Benefits



  1. Helps to maintain a Healthy Cholesterol level
  2. Helps to Lose weight
  3. Helps to reduce risk of Heart disease
  4. Helps to prevent colon Cancer
  5. Helps to Strengthen Immunity System
  6. Helps to develop & Maintain Brain health
  7. Helps to regulate Blood Pressure
  8. Helps to improve Skin Health & Complexion
  9. Protect against Diabetes
  10. Reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease



  1. Helps to maintain good health of Bones
  2. Helps to Promote formation of Red blood cells
  3. Helps to lower risk of formation of Gallstones
  4. Beneficial in lowering Blood pressure and triglyceride levels
  5. Boots Immunity System
  6. Helps in curing cancer
  7. Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes and anemia
  8. Cashew helps to maintain healthy gums and teeth
  9. High in Antioxidants (anti-aging)
  10. Helps to control weight
  11. High in Copper
  12. High in Magnesium



  1. Helps in elimination of dryness from skin
  2. Helps in controlling diabetes
  3. Helps to decrease levels of bad LDL cholesterol
  4. Reduces risk of age related muscular disease
  5. Helps in weight management
  6. Aids in digestion
  7. Rich in antioxidant and aphrodisiac properties
  8. Increases iron absorption in body
  9. Repairs skin and membranes
  10. Assists blood formation
  11. Rich in B-Vitamins
  12. Great for bone health
  13. Assists in stress management
  14. Improves eye health



  1. Helps to improve bone health
  2. Helps to prevent growth of cancerous cells in body
  3. Lowers risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases
  4. Beneficial in reducing risk of diabetes
  5. Aids in improving metabolism in body
  6. Rich in anti-inflammatory and astringent properties
  7. Helps to alleviate mood of children and adults
  8. Expands memory retention
  9. Lowers cholesterol levels
  10. Protects against retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration
  11. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids
  12. Improves function of arteries
  13. Rich in protein


Ground nuts

  1. Rich in vitamins
  2. High in nutrition
  3. Boosts memory power
  4. Rich source of protein
  5. Reduces risk of gallstones
  6. Helps to lower cholesterol levels in body
  7. Aids in preventing cancer
  8. Reduces risk of type II diabetes
  9. Rich in antioxidant properties
  10. Aids in growth and development of bones and muscles in body
  11. Regulates blood sugar

Flax seeds


  1. Helps to reduce inflammation in body
  2. Helps to maintain healthy skin and bones
  3. Aids in maintaining healthy eyes and kidney
  4. Helps to prevent menopausal symptoms and counter effects of type 2 diabetes
  5. Boosts immune system
  6. Aids in maintaining normal blood sugar levels in body
  7. Beneficial for maintaining healthy  reproductive system
  8. Reduces risks of cardiovascular diseases
  9. Helps to prevent cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases
  10. Healthy hormone balance
  11. Great source of fiber
  12. Promotes healthy hair
  13. Rich in antioxidants
  14. Helps in weight control
  15. Richest known sources of lignans
  16. Great source of omega 3 fatty acids


Sesame seeds

  1. Helps  in protecting DNA from harmful effects of radiation caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  2. Boosts oral health, cellular growth and metabolic function
  3. Facilitates digestion and prevents constipation
  4. Helps to reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension
  5. Reduces signs of premature aging and strengthens muscle tissue and hair
  6. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties
  7. Reduces risk of cancer
  8. Helps to prevent diabetes
  9. Prevents greying of hair
  10. Stops hair thinning
  11. Rich source of protein
  12. Fights against microbial infections
  13. Good source of calcium
  14. Best source of unsaturated facts
  15. Protects against kidney damage
  16. Reduces hypertension
  17. Prevents tooth decay



  1. Prevents Pancreatic cancer
  2. Promotes urine production
  3. Helps as antiseptic
  4. Boosts immune system
  5. Helps to  relieve stress and anxiety
  6. Prevents colon cancer
  7. Increases cognitive performance
  8. Helps to remove toxins from body
  9. Prevent premature aging
  10. Beneficial for lactating mothers
  11. Prevents from diabetes
  12. Aids in digestion
  13. Fights against viral infections
  14. Helps to treat piles
  15. Lower blood pressure

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds

  1. Reduces levels of LDL cholesterol
  2. 100 g seeds provide 30 g protein
  3. Good for prostate health
  4. Promotes good sleep
  5. High in zinc
  6. Rich source of minerals
  7. Promotes good health of kidneys
  8. Aids in reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases
  9. Beneficial in reducing bone weakness and symptoms of osteoporosis
  10. Helps to improve body metabolism

Sunflower seeds


  1. Rich source of selenium
  2. Rich in vitamin E
  3. Control cell damage
  4. Helps to  strengthen bones and muscles
  5. Good for digestion
  6. Helps to uplift mood and protect against cardiovascular diseases
  7. Consumption during pregnancy is beneficial for growth and development of fetus
  8. Rich in vitamin B1
  9. Helps to support cell production with fol ate, especially in the skin
  10. Rich in magnesium

Castor oil


  1. Improve thyroid function
  2. Removes dead cells from skin
  3. Increases digestive abilities and improves liver activity
  4. Helps in regularizing menstrual cycle
  5. Stimulate secretion of milk in lactating mothers
  6. Effective in treating rheumatism, arthritis, and gout
  7. Helps to relieve pain during menstruation
  8. Protects scalp from microbial infections and reduces hair fall
  9. Useful for treating skin diseases caused by microbial infections and skin ulcers
  10. Provides relief from constipation
  11. Castor oil stimulates hair growth and can be used as hair oil to thicken hair
  12. Castor oil is easily absorbed by skin and is a great treatment for dry and cracked heels










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